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The Dallas area is in crisis, lacking well over 1,000 housing units for people suffering homelessness. In response to this situation, Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) and the Catholic Housing Initiative (CHI) collaborated to erase 10% of the shortage by delivering 104 apartments as permanent supportive housing in August, 2018.


St Jude Inc, a member of CHI, acquired a property in northwest Dallas for this purpose in December, 2017. The property was built in 1981 as retirement apartments and is zoned for seniors 55 & over. The property has excellent DART bus service and easy access to DART rail. The property received a complete renovation to upgrade landscaping and parking, refresh finishes, upgrade in-unit kitchens, modernize common area, and bring MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) systems into new condition. It is now open and filling rapidly.


Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (“MDHA”) conducts a census of homelessness each year. In January, 2018 MDHA found that the problem is no longer just a central city issue and it is more severe (e.g., encampments) than in the past. Both CHI and CCD are charitable, mission driven and view the project as a moral imperative. There are many other benefits to the community. Most important is the opportunity to restore dignity and independence for the residents of the project. The “housing first” model coupled with wrap around social services creates a better outcome of success for abolishing homelessness. Our success also mitigates visible symptoms of failure to house and care for people’s well-being and healthcare. And police and public health costs are diminished when people are at home in permanent supportive housing.


Space has been maximized for individual residences including large closets, spacious baths and kitchenette features.

St. Jude Center provides housing coupled with case management to 104 homeless persons in our area. A collaborative network including CCD, City Square, MetroCare, Veterans Administration (VASH), and MDHA identifies the men and women needing housing and guides them to St Jude Center.

CCD’s Financial Stability and Career Services is part of the Communities Foundation of Texas Working Families Success Cohort, which follows a model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. CCD offers workforce training and financial education coaching to all residents. With the intensive one-on-one coaching provided by the program, many residents will return to the workforce and be self-sufficient. CCD case managers also oversee care coordination for residents needing additional services utilizing partner agencies to deliver them, e.g., reentry, recovery, and veterans’ services, mental health counseling, housing transition assistance, and benefits counseling.
Through St Jude Center, CHI and CCD address the complex problem of homelessness by helping members of our community regain a sense of security, increased well-being and self-respect.


CCD is the charity arm of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas. As a multi-program social services agency, CCD has its own board of directors to fulfill its mission to serve, advocate for, and empower people in need. CCD manages the overall project and provide case worker oversight. For more information, see

CCD is the charity arm of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas.  As a multi-program social services agency, CCD has its own board of directors  to fulfill its mission to serve, advocate for, and empower people in need.  CCD will general manage the overall project and provide case worker oversight.  For more information, see


CHI is a community based nonprofit with IRS tax exemption. It was founded in 1991 by a group of Catholics with a mission to provide quality, affordable family and senior housing. In addition to St Jude Center, it owns and operates 768 apartment units in Coppell, Carrollton, Mesquite, and Dallas and recently completed 14 town homes for sale to low income buyers in Oak Cliff. 145 of the existing units are dedicated to seniors and the rest are aimed at families. CHI has substantial development and redevelopment experience in addition to its operating and financing knowledge. CHI owns the project and provides facility and financial oversight including securing housing assistance arrangements with DHA and others. For more info, see


St Jude Center raised a combination of public and private funds to acquire, renovate, and start up the project. The all in cost is ~$57,000 per unit, a bargain at less than half of new construction. Following is a schedule of sources and uses of funds (*Sources are funded; *Uses per contract):

Sources Amt(000) Uses Amt(000)
City of Dallas Home* 2,000 Purchase Property* 2,831
Dallas County Grant* 1,135 Renovation* 1,910
CHI Equity* 770 FF&E 319
Federal Home Loan Bank* 500 Soft Costs 662
Grants & Contributions* 972 Working Capital 268
Grants & Contributions Gap 612
Total 5,990 Total 5,990


Rental income, with subsidies, covers operating expense of the project including property management staff, facility costs, and reserve for capital improvements and replacements. Rental income does not cover the “social service” costs which are provided by CCD and other partner agencies.


There remains a funding “gap”. This must be closed by foundations and private donors, by an active process of application, discernment, and decision. All grantors and donors will receive appropriate recognition on site and in publications of the project. More important, all contributors will share in resolution of a most complex community issue.

To help close the gap, please get in touch with either David Woodyard, CEO of CCD at or 469-801-8110 or Joe Dingman, Treasurer of CHI at or 214-616-1202.

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